Double card double to lenovo le Pad A2107 call flat

Lenovo le Pad A2107 is association released in June with a cell phone function of the Tablet PC. It not only equipped with seven inches DaBing give consideration to the Tablet PC vision the advantages of good experience, but also with many ordinary smart phones don’t have double the double card to function. Users can realize the Tablet PC that 3 G Internet functions, also can use bluetooth headset on a cell phone.

Lenovo le Pad A2107 double card to function can be said to be fully double according to multiple CARDS users and design. As is known to all, the domestic there are three kinds of 3 G system in three mobile phones were master operation in it. Unicom WCDMA is international comparison of the general 3 G format, although most compatible with 3 G equipment, but 2 G conversation signal in the domestic is not good, the user groups small; And the mobile with domestic research and development of their poor universality formats TD CDMA, with very few equipment compatible; Telecom although has the relative general CDMA2000 format, but the user group also relatively small.

Hardware configuration, this paragraph of the Tablet PC Coretex framework 1.0 GHz-A9 frequency of mononuclear processor. Memory before generation products A1 than doubled expanded to 1 GB so it can guarantee the background program more stable. 7 inch screen resolution of 1024 x 600, still used the TN screen saver the unchanged.

Asus MeMO Pad ME171 flat phone

Asus MeMO Pad ME171, the innovation will “dual-core intelligent mobile phone”, “with 1280 * 800 similar products of the highest resolution 7″ flat “close 2 for one, started a small mobile phone, flat plate” mobile terminal to the new concept. Want to be in the recent purchase of flat equipment friends must not be missed.

As the first launched asus tablet computer and smart phones cross-border work, MeMO Pad ME171 by the creativity of call way one-time meets the user to mobile phone and flat these two section necessary product requirements. As long as bluetooth headset with flat MeMIC connected, the MeMO Pad ME171 will realize “is flat and mobile phone” “small mobile phone flat plate” form. Through the whole transparent crystal MeMIC screen, the user can not only a phone call, listen to music, even the message read also can fully competent. Not only such, asus MeMO Pad ME171 as high as 10 hours of battery life ability, also fully meets the business people of super-long standby demands, but as a “second phone”, also be very wise choice.

In a configuration, asus MeMO Pad ME171 use 1.2 GHz CPU, fully guarantee the smooth degree of user operations. And in user care about visual experience, MeMO Pad ME171 have similar products in the most leading 1280 x 800 resolution, picture perfect fidelity; The screen brightness as high as 600 nits of Super IPS + capacitance screen, but also for users in the outdoor strong light browsing provided the best solution; Plus ultra wide Angle of 178 degrees, screen is splendid are more likely to share.

IPhone 5 years old birthday jingdong meet the express licence

In “looking forward,” and “money” under the influence, the IT industry have gone dash. Go too fast let IT industry became lost and exhausted. Beijing IT channel AD hoc “IT next magazine series articles, carding a week industry events, with” look back “perspective found more value.

Beijing, June 30 (Reuters) this week, after Microsoft released Win 8 tablet computer after Surface, Google and to aggravating, release the independent brand Nexus7 tablet computer, two IT giant also pursuing be apple iPad tablet computer collection of monopoly market. $199 low prices is to let go straight low price strategy to domestic manufacturers chanted “the Wolf”. In the apple iPad market status was divided up for a headache and when, the iPhone has now come of five years old birthday. IPhone is set a time, never had a electronic product can obtain such achievements. Someone frenzy, someone to fall, even for someone to sell the kidney. Also because of the emergence of the iPhone, blackberry maker RIM falling into an unprecedented crisis. Not only announced layoffs of 5000 employees, but also will be delayed to blackberry 10 released in 2013. Blackberry 10 postpone the release let investors get a shock, sales sharply declining postponed or will further intensified. By 2012 quarter results showed that the blackberry 7.8 million in the shipments, is far less than in the same period in 13.2 million department.

Summer sell like hot cakes tablet PC large

Today is the last day of after mid-term exam, that is, and a group of students from junior middle school into high school, from young into the youth. Ushered in the annual summer shopping rush hour, this time, the business people are also very busy. Business travel, holiday on holiday. In short whether you enjoy summer brought joy, or hide somewhere else enjoy a cool and refreshing. This time bring out a tablet computer is the necessary choice. Today for all editors recommend a few summer hot tablet computer. Hope these flat products can friends after school life to bring a different feel.